Viet Melody

Experience the melody of a community

About Viet Melody

At the heart of every community lies a melody—a rhythm that unites, inspires, and tells a story.

Welcome to Viet Melody, a platform where age is just a number and genre is a blendable boundary, Viet Melody features an eclectic lineup of performers whose talents span a spectrum of musical styles—from classical symphonies to chart-topping pop hits, and from soul-stirring Vietnamese classics to global tunes that resonate.

Whether you’re a Vietnamese native longing for a slice of home, a music enthusiast keen on broadening your horizons, or simply a friend looking for a space that pulsates with diversity and energy, Viet Melody is your stage, your refuge, and your community. 

Tailored Accounts’ Role in Viet Melody

From its inception, Tailored Accounts has been an unwavering supporter of Viet Melody. Beyond financial sponsorship, our team has proudly volunteered hundreds of personal hours to enrich and support the event. Our CEO, Harry Hoang, epitomizes this commitment by serving not only as the concert director but also as a regular performer.

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