Business Zero Emissions Vehicle Grants Program

Business Zero Emissions Vehicle Grants Program

Thinking about leasing or purchasing a zero-emissions vehicle for your business? A total grant amount of $150,000 is currently available to support you in this endeavour!

About the Business Zero Emissions Vehicle Grants Program
Businesses can apply one of the following grant options:

  • Category A: $50,000 (excl GST) worth of grants is available to co-fund a battery electric light commercial truck to a vehicle hire company.
  • Category B: Up to $100,000 (excl GST) worth of grants is available to co-fund battery electric vans or utility vehicles for ACT businesses and community organisations.

The maximum grant funding amount for each participant is $50,000 (excl GST) for Category A and $20,000 (excl GST) for Category B.

What kind of funding will be covered by the Business Zero Emissions Vehicle Grants Program?

Not Included
Category A covers light commercial battery electric vehicles that can be driven with Class C license
Used vehicles (grey imports are eligible for funding for Category B)
Category B covers light commercial battery electric vans and utility vehicles (not including passenger vehicles)
Vehicles not registered in the ACT
The vehicle must be purchased or leased vehicles for a minimum of three years.
Petrol or diesel vehicles
Plug-in hybrid or hybrid vehicles
Electric vehicle charging Infrastructure.

Eligibility Criteria

Category A
Category B
Vehicle rental company business currently operating in the ACT
A business already operating in the ACT
Possess relevant insurances to hire out vehicles within the ACT
Be headquartered in the ACT
Have an ABN
Registered for GST purposes
Prepared to enter a legally binding Deed of Grant with the Territory
Not be a government agency
Not be a political party registered under the Electoral Act
Be prepared for the vehicles to be fitted with telematic devices.
(This will enable ACT Government to fully understand the usage and impact of the vehicle and will be installed at nil cost to the applicant.)

Why does the Business Zero Emissions Vehicle Grants Program matter?
While we celebrate the milestone of achieving 100% renewable electricity in the ACT, it’s important to note that the transport sector remains the biggest contributor to the ACT’s greenhouse gas emissions, accounting for over 60% of the total.

To tackle this issue, the ACT Government has set an ambitious goal of having 80-90% of new vehicles sold in the territory be zero-emission vehicles (ZEVs) by 2030. Although ZEVs are currently pricier than traditional petrol and diesel vehicles, the market is expected to shift in the coming years, with more affordable and diverse EV models expected to become available.

In the meantime, financial incentives such as grants and zero-interest loans are crucial to incentivize the adoption of ZEVs and their necessary infrastructure (i.e. charging stations) throughout the ACT.

Interested in the Business Zero Emissions Vehicle Grants Program?

Need some help? Contact the Fleet Advisory Service team at or 13 22 81.

Applications close 5 May 2023.

Source: Tailored Accounts

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