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Established in 2002, Kulture Break is a Not-For-Profit organisation committed to the wellbeing, transformation and empowerment of young people and the community. Kulture Break does it this by engaging young people in a safe, active and productive environment that allows young people to express themselves and share stories. With an emphasis on using early intervention measures by validating and affirming young people’s identity and capabilities – Kulture Break's goal is that young people believe in themselves and live life with purpose.

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Tailored Accounts is proud to be the pro-bono CFO of Kulture Break since 2021. With an annual pro-bono CFO service package of up to $25,000 per annum, Tailored Accounts has brought top-quality advice and consultation to the Management of Kulture Break, making the organisation financially steady to serve its missions.

Photo Credit: Kulture Break & Tailored Accounts

Tailored Accounts professionally advise Kulture Break to project and manage the organisation's cash flow, drawing attention to potential and actual variances from budget, and advising of areas of financials risks, and appropriate measures to manage the risks.

Our team of accountants and partners have provided up to 40 hours of pro-bono consultation. It is our privilege that Kulture Break is well-equipped for long term sustainable success. 

If you wish to support young artists at Kulture Break, you can do so by making a donation. 

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