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We are delighted to announce our annual pro bono service,  which is equivalent to  $113,000,  to the Disaster Relief Australia, an organisation dedicated to emergency responding and natural disaster relief in our country's time of need.

While the devastation in  Australia has been unthinkable,  there has been incredible support from the  Disaster Relief Australia personnel for the affected communities and surrounds.  Organisations like the  Disaster Relief Australia that provide essential benefits to Australians should not be forced to incur absurdly high operational costs or see their organisations suffer because of financial vulnerability.


Tailored Accounts is committed to offering Disaster Relief Australia the chance to reduce the expenditure of their accounting service so that the organisation’s budget can be spent on other areas.  The consistency of our management accounting will place Disaster Relief Australia in the best position for sustainable success.

We believe that this in-kind support will promote community inclusion,  providing resources,  and strengthening our relations between not-for-profit and corporate sectors.  We are proud that this project would allow  Tailored Accounts staff to add more experience to their careers while creating a good social impact.