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AccountantChange is a highly innovative quarterly training program for Business, Finance, Accounting students. Initiated by Tailored Accounts in January 2018, the program has delivered a range of educational topics, ranging from technical industry knowledge to workplace skills. 

The ultimate goal of AccountantChange is to create a pathway for students to explore the world of accounting and the future changes that will likely shape the industry. Shortly after its launch, the AccountantChange program has attracted more than 500 student members from universities in Canberra. 

As of today, AccountantChange has progressed as a successful series of training seminars. Building on the momentum of Accountant Change’s success, Tailored Accounts published the educational contents onto an online training platform, “AccountantChange Premium Learning Portal”. 

The portal provides materials, learning resources, and mentorship opportunities to support and promote lifelong learning. AccountantChange has received tremendous support from StudyCanberra, ANU College Of Business and Economics, UC Faculty of Business, Government and Law, and CPA Canberra.