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Tailored Accounts believes it is our responsibility to demonstrate our support and promote volunteer contribution to our society. The social activities that we have engaged  allow us to be more responsive, generate greater inspiration, and creative our distinctive Tailored Account's corporate identity. 

Since 2014,  we have remained focused on ideas and innovation on serving our clients and honouring our commitment to these ongoing activities. 

• Healthier Workplace

• Tailored Accounts - ANU Internship 

• iACT Sponsorship 

We intend to continually improve our corporate social responsibility - that not only grows within our organisation, but expands beyond to the society. Each of the members of Tailored Accounts Team has been accumulating a significant experience of community involvement and leadership. As we aim forward to our next success, we ensure that our contribution will be aligned with the benefits of our staff, our culture, and our society.