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To all Tailored Accounts Customers & Friends,

The current pandemic of Coronavirus crisis is once in a hundred years, so it isn't surprising that people and businesses are panicking! None of us including our parents got this experience in their lifetime!

Tailored Accounts was incorporated in 2008, right in the middle of the global financial crisis. However, we believe that the economic crisis back then didn't really hit Australia hard, this time it will! We strongly believe that working together is the only way to survive. Back in 2008, we were involved in many small local businesses get-together events to brainstorm about our difficulties and share how could we overcome the challenges. For example, there were local restaurants & retailers that were suffering so we encouraged each other to SHOP LOCAL ONLY to help them out!

Tailored Accounts team members are eager to help in any way that we can. Being an accountant, we are born to be well-prepared as we practice with checklists every day to ensure that we don't make mistakes at an important step such as your payday or lodging a compliance report to the Government. Our team members have been working together in the past few days to develop two great products that we would like to share with the public:

  1. Tailored Accounts COVID-19 Action Plan for individual so they can get their acts together quickly when needed. This is like a bushfire emergency plan, when any of the plans needs to be activated, you just need to go to your checklist and see if you have got everything ready. Please note that this document is a template that allows you to customise the plan and action the way you want.
  2. Tailored Accounts financial budgeting & future cashflow is dedicated for individuals so they can review current & future impact of this crisis to their own financials. Inevitably, thousands of jobs will be lost in Australia in the next 6 months. If any of our staff members or their family lost their source of income, this small tool would be handy for them, not just predicting their future but also helping them to adjust their current expenditures or investments to be able to survive! Please be informed that this isn't a financial advisory tool, this is a template that you are to be fully responsible for utilising and maintaining it. 

Please register via the form below and these 2 templates will be sent to your email. 

If you have any questions, please reach out to us via our contact details below:

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