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The importance of the company secretary’s role has increased over the years. No longer being the person who merely keeps the minutes of the board and handles board correspondence, the company secretary's role can now include administering the affairs of the company and managing/supporting the business of the board.

Why Tailored Accounts?

As the responsibilities of the board have increased, the volume of work and necessary skills to support the board have added to the role of the company secretary. Company secretaries have legal responsibilities in addition to their work in support of the board, which will vary according to the specific needs of the organisation.

Tailored Accounts Company Secretarial Services are tailored for the following organisations:

  • Private entities with complex shareholding structures.
  • Public Company Limited By Guarantee.
  • Incorporated entities.
  • Any other Not-For-Profit & Charitable entities.

Benefits of Tailored Accounts Services:

Board Meetings

Board Meetings

  • Attendance and minuting of board and committee meetings.
  • Annual Board Calendar preparation and management.
  • Managing board processes – board and committee papers and circulation of agendas, minutes, discussion papers, proposals for the board and its committees.
AGMs & General Meetings

AGMs & General Meetings

  • Drafting of Notice of Meeting, Explanatory Notes and Proxy Form, including resolutions and exclusions.
  • Monitoring and reporting of proxy results, and liaising with share registry updates.
  • Attendance and minuting of meetings.
  • Board resolutions around convening of AGM and approval of documentation.
Director Register Administration

Director Register Administration

  • Appointment – all documentation around director appointment including consent to act, ASIC update, deed of indemnity.
  • Director induction pack preparation.
  • Resignation – Resignation letter preparation & ASIC update.
Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance

  • Development, implementation, communication and maintenance of compliance policies, processes and procedures.
Share Capital

Share Capital

  • Maintenance of shareholder register
  • Option/Share Plan administration
ASIC Compliance

ASIC Compliance

  • Appointment as ASIC registered agent.
  • Preparation, review of company annual review.
  • Preparation and lodgement of other ASIC forms as required.
  • Maintenance of statutory corporate registers, including company changes.
  • Harmonising of annual review dates of the group (when required).

Tailored Accounts provides additional ad-hoc services including Company Registration & Incorporation and Corporate Trust Services.

  • Company Incorporation Package includes:
    • ABN, ACN, PAYG, TFN registrations; 
    • Business name registration (optional);
    • Company Certificate of Incorporation; and 
    • Shareholder Certification.
  • Corporate Trust Services include:
    • Trust establishment with Tailored Accounts as a Settlor;
    • Corporate Trustee setup (optional);
    • ABN and TFN registration; and 
    • Trust Deed documentation.

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