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No one fully foresaw the extent of the COVID-19 crisis. Businesses have been disrupted and will not necessarily go back to normal. Instead, the current disruption has changed and continues to change the business landscape as we know it.

Tailored Accounts's main purpose is to enable you to minimise operational disruptions and ensure the well-being and safety of your staff. 

Business disasters often happen when:

  • You have a serious trust issue with your current bookkeepers. Your current accounting is in an unsatisfactory condition according to the Australian Accounting Standards.
  • Your business has encountered constant loss in three consecutive months due to market competition, loss of staff, increased cost of sales, etc.
  • Your business has suffered from complex disputes with other businesses and you lost your directions.
  • The outcomes of your business disasters are severe as your business might face permanent damages. Sometimes, it is even harder for you to start things over. Tailored Accounts will minimise the disastrous effect on your business.

Tailored Accounts will:

  • Assess your damage, recover, file and analyse your lost financial data.
  • Liaison with legal and tax experts to get you a clear recovery strategy.
  • Review your business records and executive the recovery strategy to get you out of the dangerous zone of bankruptcy. 
  • Tailored Accounts never gives up on your business. After your business has recovered from the disaster, it is important to get your business back on track.

Tailored Accounts will:

  • Provide you with 3 - 6 months recovery management accounting to make sure you can start your books afresh.
  • Assist you with strategic decision making (i.e. managing your staff relations, regaining the market share, re-evaluating the market, and restoring the power of your cash flow).
  • Prepare you with an advanced business information system to enable your Risk Management in the future. You do not want another disaster. 
  • Don't hesitate to contact us for immediate relief support. We will be with you every step of the way until your business gets back on track.