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Tailored Accounts is proud to be your Accounts Department. Tailored Accounts offers quality and customised service to facilitate the nature and development trend of your business. Tailored Accounts will perform the following services:

1. Disaster Recovery and Back-On-Track Support

2. Start-up Business: Where to start?

3. Not For Profit Associations: Why do you need Tailored Accounts?

4. Corporate Clients: A stable and scalable solution for your prosperity


1. Disaster Recovery and Back-On-Track Support

Tailored Accounts has experience and expertise to handle all aspects of your numbers, including:

  • Disaster Recovery - It is an unfortunate event that you will need our professional support to recover.
  • Back-On-Track Support - Tailored Accounts gives you the peace of mind and work together with you to get your business fully functioned again.

Disaster Recovery

Business disasters often happen when:

  • You have serious trust issue with your current bookkeepers. Your current books is a mess!
  • Your business has encountered constant loss in three consecutive months due to market competition, loss of staff, increased cost of sales, etc.
  • Your business has suffered from complex disputes with other businesses and you lost your directions.

The outcomes of your business disasters are severe as your business might face permanent damages. Sometimes, it is even harder for you to start things over. Tailored Accounts will minimise the disaster effect on your business.

Tailored Accounts will:

  • Assess your damage, recover, file and analyse your lost financial data.
  • Liaison with legal and tax experts to get you a clear recovery strategy.
  • Review your business records and executive the recover strategy to get you out of the dangerous zone of bankruptcy. 

Tailored Accounts never gives up on your business.

Back-On-Track Support

After your business has recovered from the disaster, it is important to get your business back on track. Tailored Accounts will:

  • Provide you with 3 - 6 months recovery management accounting to make sure you can start your books afresh.
  • Assist you with strategic decision making (i.e. managing your staff relations, regaining of the market share, re-evaluating of the market, and restoring the power of your cashflow).
  • Prepare you with an advanced business information system to enable your Risk Management in the future. You do not want another disaster. 


 2. Start-up Business: Where to start?

Tailored Accounts team has a firm belief in entrepreneurship spirit. Tailored Accounts will work closely with you to develop your start-up from an idea into a well-established company.

Tailored Accounts will deliver you the following benefits:

  • Initial business consultation - Understanding your direction and your business idea.
  • Development of your business structure - Giving you the service bundle of legal, tax, accounting system and R&D to establish your first business entity. 
  • Ongoing advisory - Weekly or Monthly meeting with Tailored Accounts experts for advice and suggestion to improve revenue and cashflow.
  • End-Of-Financial-Year Work - Preparation for your Tax return benefits.

You will receive the benefits from our experienced advisers within a suitable start-up budget. 



3. Not For Profit Associations: Why do you need Tailored Accounts?

Not-For-Profit (NFP) Associations are going through changes in compliance and budget approval from the Government. Tailored Accounts will be your right hand person to help you well respond to the change and sustain.

If your association is not having a right strategy, you will soon see the resignations of your Board of Directors, shortage in cashflow and loss of members. 

To make sure your association can sustain, Tailored Accounts will build you your strategy with these following benefits:

  • Examination of current financial position - Tailored Accounts will conduct our Financial Health Check to identify possible errors in your system, those have undermine your financial position.
  • Budget Planning Day - Tailored Accounts will tackle the identified errors with a budget plan so that your fund is well-managed.
  • Ongoing weekly/monthly management accounting - Tailored Accounts will effectively maintain and deliver the functions of Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Payroll - Superannuation, Financial Reporting (IAS, BAS, Reconciliation) and End-Of-Year Accounting. 
  • Ongoing strategic decision making support - Tailored Accounts will deliver the function of regular cashflow analysis to assist CEO and The Board with your strategic decision making. 

NFP Association will survive and sustain with the help of Tailored Accounts. You will not need to rely on volunteer help or employment of part-time bookkeepers anymore. We have got everything you need at Tailored Accounts. 


 4. Corporate Clients: A stable and scalable solution for your prosperity

Regardless of your business size and industry, you always need a stable and "scalable" solution to generate wealth. Tailored Accounts gives you that Solution. We are everything you need and more.

Tailored Accounts solution is highly customised, consistent with your growth strategy, able to be scaled up/down depending on the economic situation. 

Tailored Accounts gives you your personalised folder which keeps your bookkeeping paperwork organised throughout the year.

All your basic daily transactions are complete without an error. You just need to send us your documents to Tailored Accounts regularly so that we can take care of the more complex bookkeeping tasks such as entering data in your accounting program, processing your payroll, and completing your BAS, bank reconciliation, end of month reconciliation, and end of year preparation for tax return and auditing (if required).

The benefits of Tailored Accounts solution are:

  • You save money - by completing the simple daily transactions yourself you save on bookkeeping fees. You only pay us for the complex tasks. 
  • You receive the tax and GST deductions you are entitled to.
  • You have an effective bookkeeping system that is easy to manage.
  • Your financial information will be well organised and up to date.
  • You avoid the headaches of recruiting and employing an onsite bookkeeper.

Last but not least, Tailored Accounts can send our experienced accountant to work at your premise. You now can have a full-time accountant without any extra cost of permanent employment. Easy done!

The Monthly Bookkeeping Package is available for various accounting software. Come and talk to us today. Tailored Accounts would love to hear from you. Call now at 02 6169 5196.

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