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New BAS legislation has recently passed and applying these new changes has proven to be a big challenge for many bookkeepers. 

At Tailored Accounts, we are experts in BAS lodgement. We are proud to note that we are one of the first BAS agents to be registered under the new legislation. Our BAS Agent registration number is 92023003.  

When you engage a bookkeeper or accountant to do your BAS for you it is important to check their registration number. You can do it through the Tax Practitioners Board website: http://www.tpb.gov.au/

Registered BAS Agent in Canberra

At Tailored Accounts, we have created our own BAS procedure to ensure that all reconciliation is done, and that all GST accounts are correctly recorded and backed up with "tax invoices". Our access to the online BAS service provider portal allows us to lodge your BAS online, giving you the peace of mind that your paperwork has been received by the ATO.

Thinking of lodging your own BAS? Be sure to read our Quick Guide to BAS Lodgement first. 

Ready to save yourself the hassles of BAS lodgement? Contact us today to take BAS Lodgement off of your to-do list!