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Payroll Services

Are you having trouble with your payroll? It’s highly likely that you are – even if you don’t realise it! 

According to the Australian Tax Office, 60% of payroll clerks make errors when they process regular payroll and 20% of them do not get training or take continuing professional development courses when new legislation is adopted.

And legislation is always changing! With regular changes to employment legislation (Fair work Act), Fringe Benefit Tax, and GST rules you must be sure that your bookkeeper knows the rules to keep your company compliant.

But training and CPD courses can cost you thousands of dollars each year - Unless you outsource your payroll to Tailored Accounts. We make sure that our bookkeepers are trained and kept up to date on all legislation. With Tailored Accounts on your team, you save time and money while relieving yourself of one of small business’s biggest headaches. 

Simply send us your employee timesheets and we will produce payslips for you. We work quickly and cost effectively. 

Outsource your payroll to us today. It just makes sense! Contact us now to get started. 

Billpay Services

We have found that small businesses are spending an average of 5-7 hours per week on paying bills. Imagine how your bottom line could grow if you were spending that extra time on marketing or product development instead!

Our Billpay service is very easy to use. You simply fax, post, or email us your bills once a week along with your approval. We set up all of your payments in your accounting software and then export payments to netbank for your final approval. 

Are you ready to save your business 20-30 hours per month? Contact us to enrol in Billpay services today!