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Running an NFP is a very fulfilling undertaking, knowing that you are helping make the lives of individuals and families a little better. But amidst the noble things that go with the job comes the cumbersome but critical part: Accounting. Just like corporations, NFPs will need a robust and highly scalable accounting system to administer the cash flow and financials. 

Tailored Accounts recommends cloud-based accounting systems such as Xero for the benefits of cost and time savings. It can record and track grants, expenses, donations, membership incomes and even volunteer timesheets, allowing NFPs to keep their missions on the right track. With real-time reports in Xero, your operations will be transparent with board members, donors, and volunteers, allowing them to keep their trust and their cash flows in the process.

Tailored Accounts provides Xero system customisation, training to ensure the best user adoption at your NFP. Being a Xero Gold Partner and Cloud Integration Advisor, we are capable of suggesting the best add-on applications to maximise your workflow efficiency:

  • Receipt Bank for automated expense data entries
  • Calxa for NFP reporting
  • Infusionsoft for membership management 

All these applications are integrated into Xero, making your bookkeeping and membership management more streamlined. 

Our Xero training programs are available via both online and in-person without any limitation on the number of attendees. Tailored Accounts Xero certified advisors will focus on the three important aspects of Xero:

  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Payroll & Reporting

You will be able to acquire sufficient Xero skills to self-manage your NFP's accounts. Our ad-hoc tech support is also available anytime for your convenience. 

Contact Tailored Accounts to make your Xero training appointment today.