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Tailored Accounts - The Not-For-Profit Association Specialist

Multi-Award Winning Company with 100 Percent Client Satisfaction

Tailored Accounts services are dedicated to the Third Sector, including:

  • Australian Not-For-Profit (NFP) Associations
  • Social Enterprises
  • NDIS Service Providers

Why Tailored Accounts?

We understand that not many NFP associations could afford to maintain their Accounts Department and CFO personnel due to budget constraints. At Tailored Accounts, we deliver your benefits:

  • No more relying on volunteer accountants or concerns on recruitment and training for your staff - Tailored Accounts will be your experienced and qualified Accountants.
  • Significant cost savings compared to in-house services.
  • A fixed fee for service, providing you with budget certainty and peace of mind.
  • A Canberra-based dedicated account manager - timely reporting and advice.

Tailored Accounts extensive experience in assisting associations for their growth and innovation through providing constructive and cost-efficient financial advisory.

Our Service



  • Customised Management Accounting to make sure your accounting is precisely up-to- date
  • Pre-audit Preparations and Reviews.
  • Fringe Benefits Tax & GST for your compliance.
Business Activity Statement (BAS)

Business Activity Statement (BAS)

  • Professional BAS agent to prepare and lodge your BASs.
  • Completely eliminate the risk of late or incorrect lodgement.
  • Timely lodgement to maintain good credit rating with ATO.
  • Transparent lodgement with full evidence to back-up.


  • We are your CFO to forecast your cashflow and assist you with strategic decision making using our BIS (Business Intelligence System) tools.
  • Give you evidences and insight to make your business decision.
  • Advise you the right timing for staff recruitment, market expansion, or acquisition.
  • Give you your peace of mind as your financial health is closely monitored and up-to- date.
Xero Accounting System Integration & Training

Xero Accounting System Integration & Training

  • Reduce your time and effort on manual accounts work.
  • Design and setup your Xero accounts system so that your business transactions and activities are assigned to the correct accounts. Real-time update straight to your smart device.
  • No more desktop software and data backup. Everything’s on your cloud.
  • If you want to self-manage your accounts, we give you training each, with material to take away, from basic and advanced Xero skills.