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Time for change: Accounts Health Check Tools for Not-For-Profit organisations

By Teddy Nam

The Not for Profits (NFP) sector in Australia is considered diverse and large (approximately 600,000 NFPs in 2010 per the Productivity Commission report), contributing toannual revenue over $100 Billion and representing 8% of the Australia’s workforce (ABS, 2016). With the chief goal of achieving missions beneficial to the public, NFPs are expected to meeta higher standard of public expectations; balancing this withseeking and managing funding has been identified as the greatest problem.

Following the Government policy changes regarding grants in the NFP sector, organisations started to experiencethe impact of increased competition – diminishing funding and enhanced accountability requirements. Specifically, NFPs are expected to convince funds providers of the value of their mission while ensuring efficiency and stewardship of the organisation. This situation creates opportunities for NFPs to manage financials more strategically by reassessing the efficiency of core operations against their budget and demonstrating measurable effectiveness.


4 reasons why outsourcing is the best option for associations and NPOs

With close to 10 years of working experience in the Australian Third Sector, I have come to learn that the sector is a dynamic, vibrant, and meaningful place to work, where people share the common vision—that is, to make a difference.Because the Third Sector exists for the welfare of the general public, it is important that associations and non-profit organisations have precise and timely accounting procedures in place. In reality, however, most of them struggle with basic administration tasks like documentation, bookkeeping and/or accounting. 


Seven Great Apps For Small Businesses

Reprinted from Forbes

By David Prosser

Want to run your business on the move, any time and anywhere? If so, an increasing number of apps aimed specifically at small businesses aim to make your life easier – and the lives of your staff. But while smartphones and apps could, in theory, boost output and save time, relatively few small businesses are making use of them, new research suggests.

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