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Three Common Accounting Mistakes

By Lisa Girard

Reprinted from Entrepreneur

Common accounting mistakes

Tax time isn't the only time business owners should review their accounting practices. Experts say small-business owners often make seemingly simple accounting mistakes that -- which at their most extreme -- could mean the difference between a good and bad fiscal year. Here are three common missteps entrepreneurs make and the lessons you can learn from them.


How to Get the Biggest Tax Deductions from Charitable Donations

By Ken Berry

Reprinted from CPA Practice Advisor

At the end of the year, socially-conscious clients can boost their deductions, and thereby lower their tax bills, by giving a little extra to the charities of their choice. That’s still a sensible tax strategy as 2014 draws to a close. But a recent tax law change may give some upper-income individuals a moment’s pause before they reach into their pockets.

Tax deduction tips for business


How to Make Your Cash and the Investor's Patience Last Until You're Profitable

By Martin Zwilling

Reprinted from Entrepreneur

Cash flow management for startup

Cashflow is a basic survival metric for every startup. Investors check your burn rate to assess your efficiency, and project your remainingrunway before you run out of money and into a brick wall. Don’t wait until you are almost out of cash before managing every dollar spent, or looking for the next refueling from investors. Desperate entrepreneurs lose their leverage and die young.


Accrual Or Cash Basis Of Accounting?

By Hon. Joseph J. DioGuardi

Reprinted from The Huffington  Post

After nearly 70 years of discussion, and endorsement by four presidents (Truman, Eisenhower, Johnson and Nixon), it is high time that accrual accounting be implemented... America's future depends on it!

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