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Telstra Business Awards 2016 celebrates the success of Canberra Airport Group

This year, Canberra Airport Group has won a prestigious Telstra Business Award to represent ACT for the National judging in Sydney. This remarkable achievement of Canberra Airport Group has inspired many other businesses to increase the quality of their customer services.


Canberra Airport – the gateway to business opportunities 

This is the year that an airport organisation has stood out amongst all the ACT award finalists, strengthening the importance of airport business on local environment and economy. The achievement of Canberra Airport reflects its efforts in continuing improvement for innovation, environment sustainability, and business growth.

Canberra Airport is a gateway to the world of many local businesses. Its contribution to the business community is significant in both local and international aspects.  In 2016, Singapore Airlines will be operating regular international flights from Canberra. This is an opportunity for local businesses to easier experience overseas markets.

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