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Struggling With Hiring A New Accountant? You're Not The Only One

Author: Tailored Accounts

Research from National Australia Bank (NAB) has found that 1 in 5 Aussies changed their jobs last year and 25% are currently considering leaving their workplace. Additionally, the 5% inflation rate is adding more stress to families, forcing staff to look for better paying jobs.

And, with the end of financial year approaching, it is likely that you are one of many businesses struggling to hire the right staff for your Accounting Team. This is the time of the year Government Departments start opening up job vacancies and similarly, many accounting practices will also be gathering their resources for EOFY. 

With pressure coming from all sides, this can be a big headache for SMEs and small not-for-profit organisations, not only will you be forced to find good-quality staff in such a competitive environment but also be forced to account for the associated business disruption and cost!

Businesses may be forced to make do with what they have and do the accounting themselves, leaving themselves vulnerable to at best, delegating long hours to an accounting task that trained accountants could easily complete in a much shorter period, or at worse, making costly mistakes.

As an alternative, businesses could try finding a new accountant through a recruitment agency. But, as a consequence, business owners or managers would be forced to go through the whole process, from selecting the candidate, interviewing, on-boarding, training, retaining, termination & handover. This traditional way of recruiting your Accounting Team seems to not only be time-consuming but extremely costly! Neither option is ideal. Fortunately, there is a much smarter, efficient, and cost-effective way to hire your Accountant.

Our solution: Tailored Accounts will be your fully functioned Account Department, providing you with full solutions ranging from: Data entries, bookkeeping, payroll, AR, AP, Reporting, and Reconciliation to CFO. The benefits of this innovative model are:

  • Continuity of services is our strength. As we have a big team to handle high numbers of jobs and commitments. Collaboration between different tiers of our services will give you a fully functional Account Department worthy of any large corporation at only a fraction of the cost!
  • 100% qualified accountants, we provide our staff with professional training programs on monthly basis to keep them updated with the latest policies, trends, and technology. 
  • The best Quality Management System, built in alignment with our procedures & processes to maintain the high integrity & reliability of our work. As we deal with high volume & value transactions on a daily basis, quality assurance is our top priority. Currently, we have over 500 business customers, processing over 1000 payrolls per week and transacting over $300 million per year on behalf of our clients.
  • As one of the first to adapt to cloud accounting in 2009, we know that cloud is now the past, and security is the future! Everything that we are doing here is about how to make your secured transactions even more secured!
  • A minimum of 30% cost reduction to your current recruitment model. A well-trained and experienced accountant will cost your business at least $90,000 per year plus superannuation, training, travel expense and other entitled benefits according to the latest labour market rate.

Here at Tailored Accounts, we offer you the chance to reduce your expenditure on accounting services so your budget can be spent on other key areas. Our service commensurately corresponds to your benefits, including:

  • At least 20% less spending on annual accounting costs;
  • Time ownership of a team of accountants and CFO with our flat fee for at least 20 hours per week;
  • Free of charge for End Of Financial Year work; including Payment Summaries, Tax return and audit preparation.

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