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Software for Healthcare and Special Care Start-ups: Choose XERO

With only a few accounting software options on the market, it seems healthcare and special care industry start-ups under NDIS have only two options to choose between MYOB or XERO. However, NDIS-related services can be complicated, and the two systems are not necessarily equal in terms of their benefit to users. Given your limited budget as a start-up business, you might want to learn more about these two software options before making your choice.

Here is Tailored Accounts’ take in the issue.

Comparing MYOB with XERO is like ranking Taxi Services against Uber. XERO creates a community of accountants, bookkeepers, application developers, and business owners, where ideas are exchangeable. It acts as a platform that can facilitate communication between those in the industry. MYOB is trying to follow in their footsteps; however, XERO is still the market leader for three reasons.

1. Data Security - You will never lose or use the wrong data in Xero as your data is completely on your cloud. No more data corruption due to the failed backup process. XERO will be your secured system, with 2-step authentication to protect your confidential business and customers data.

2. Xero's Auto-Updates - Xero constantly updates a lot of functions including tax tables by itself. You would not be able to enjoy that feature in MYOB. Imagine how much important information you might have missed.

3. Integrated marketplace for ideas and innovation - This is partly because, similarly to Uber drivers, the accountants at XERO are actually working at their own initiative. It might be due to XERO’s willingness to embrace innovation and new technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI).

In a nutshell, XERO is taking all the right steps considering the direction of many businesses. The future of the automobile industry, for instance, may well be in the development of self-driving vehicles. XERO a good fit for your NDIS start-up. It requires far less cost to run at maximised capacity, as the app is inexpensive to integrate into your business model. It also does not require much training to master, as you could easily manage your own books after only an estimated 6 to 8 hours of training.
If you are searching for a system to use, think carefully before deciding which option best suits your business design. Or, if you are still uncertain, pop into Tailored Accounts and one of our specialist accountants will advise you on what the right choice of software could bring to your start-ups.


What can XERO tell us about leadership (Part 2)

Fuzuki Nishimura

XERO entered Australian accounting software market seven years ago. They used to be a boutique-sized business; however, they brought a disruptive innovation that has changed the landscape of accounting industry. Software used to be installed in our computers; and accounting data were handled mostly offline from our desktops. When XERO came out, we just loved it. It allows us to access data from multiple devices. Our clients could now enjoy seeing financial reports from their mobile devices.


Many of our clients love XERO because it is highly customised to their business needs. A grocery owner, who has been our client for more than four years, shared with me that XERO was the best software to handle hundreds of transactions and still able to generate real-time report. That is the reason clients choose to subscribe and stay using XERO for long term.


What can XERO tell us about Leadership? (Part 1)

Harry Hoang

Coming back from XEROCON SOUTH in Brisbane, I kept asking myself about what have we learnt from the event. In the past, we tried to figure out the most suitable accounting software for our business and clients. XERO was the best choice. When at XEROCON SOUTH and talking to my colleagues, I realised that XERO is embarking in a leadership position in cloud accounting, which has never been taken by other big players.

I was keep asking myself about what we have gotten from the event. I asked staff to write few words about their personal feeling so we can consolidate to a good article for B2B this month. Personally, as a CEO of an accounting practice, I am thinking more about the direction, the leadership of the accounting industry in which XERO play a very important part of the Eco system. 10 years ago we all know that MYOB, QuickBooks are the most popular accounting software for SMEs and Accountants.


Imagine a future empowered by the cloud business ecosystem

By Gary Wang*

It is a great time for small businesses here in Australia. With further tax deduction from the federal budget and booming cloud business solutions, small business owners can better align with and achieve their entrepreneurial goals. In this article, I would like to share a few useful cloud business applications and services for small businesses and discuss how business owners can best benefit from using them.

Cloud business eco system


Quick time entry in Practice Manager from Xero

As an outsourced bookkeeping services provider charging clients hourly (and of course, guarantee all jobs are completed at possibly highest standard), Tailored Accounts pays great attention on time tracking. It is time consuming for Tailored Accounts (and for any accounting practice) to record time accurately (but we need to do that for better performance management and billing clients).


Tailored Accounts' Partnership For Better Services Quality

In the pursuit of becoming Canberra’s largest bookkeeping firm within the next five years, Tailored Accounts puts great attention on services quality. To attain that, we have adopted cloud accounting technology, and have partnered with several services providers in the field for time effective and cost efficient solutions to our client’s bookkeeping and accounting systems.

Tailored Accounts partners with various cloud accounting software providers.


What bookkeeping will look like in 2025!

Digital disruption in bookkeeping industry

I attended a conference the day before and listened to a series of speeches on digital disruption. For those unacquainted with digital disruption, the term basically refers to the change brought about by new digital technologies and business models that are affecting the current value proposition of existing goods and services. 


A Bookkeeper’s Life with MYOB

With more than 1.2 million active business users globally, MYOB is proud to be the leading accounting software provider in New Zealand and Australia. Offering over 50 products and services ranging from desktop software to cloud-based solutions, MYOB is confident to fullfill small businesses’ needs. 


Discover your business life with Intuit Quickbooks Online

Being known as one of only three Xero Gold Partners in Canberra, Tailored Accounts are proud to offer professional Xero bookkeeping/ management accounting services to small and medium businesses in Canberra and regional states. Beside Xero, our bookkeepers are competent to provide services using other cloud accounting systems including but not limited to MYOB and Intuit (QuickBooks Online). 


Why did we move to cloud accounting?

Cloud accounting makes business more efficient

Why did we move to Xero? Because of the software’s outstanding features? Because of benefits from the partner program? They are all correct. But the ultimate “because” was “because we wanted to be our clients’ choice”. Clients are always the motivation for all our innovations. One of the best innovations we made was converting the system to Xero – cloud accounting system. 


Accelerating cashflow with Online Quotes

When we released Quotes in January, we let you know that we were going to continue to add to this feature. The initial release was the start of a journey, not the end.

Over the past few months we’ve continued to monitor your feedback in our Community and have added new features to Quotes in each release. With this week’s release, we’re pleased to give you Online Quotes.


ACCERTO - Web-based Accounting Solution for Bookkeepers

Accerto is a newly-launched web-based accounting software specifically developed for bookkeepers, accountants, and small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). With low pricing plans ranging from AU$15/month to AU$29/month, Accerto provides an effective way to check electronic payments by controlling your business’ electronic transactions, giving you a peace of mind. The software automatically verifies each payment once it is received, hence it is also a real-time fraud prevention and payment error detection tool.  


Xero - Clould Accounting For The Future

By Harry Hoang

Reprinted from B2B Magazine

Xero certified partner

As this is the last article of 2014, I will try to sum up what I have written for B2B during the past 6 months. I have introduced XERO – the world’s leading cloud accounting application along with its ecosystem which allows businesses to operate with their browsers instead of their desktops. I still remember this day 5 years ago when the IT technical support officer came to my office to install updates for my company’s server and computers. We ended up with 3 non-operating days due to a range of issues – bugs, non-alignment between the “old” and “new” updates, and conflicting dependencies. Technology will continue to evolve with added features, hence there are more reasons why companies should embrace cloud accounting.


Xero Touch in one touch

The mobile team here at Xero is very pleased to announce that we have just released Touch ID for iOS! Thereby putting your business at your literal fingertips. This has been quite a long time in the making, with Layton having first knocked together a prototype at WWDC back in July. That caused quite a bit of excitement internally:


Using mobile applications to run your business

In my last two columns, I introduced you to two of my favourite mobile applications – Xero and Receipt Bank. I use them on a daily basis and consider them to be part and parcel of my business. The growth in use of mobile devices has led to an explosion in the development of mobile applications. Small-to-medium businesses are using these applications to improve their processes and help their customers, while others have jumped on the bandwagon to develop their own applications for their staff to use or to sell as a product.


Seven Great Apps For Small Businesses

Reprinted from Forbes

By David Prosser

Want to run your business on the move, any time and anywhere? If so, an increasing number of apps aimed specifically at small businesses aim to make your life easier – and the lives of your staff. But while smartphones and apps could, in theory, boost output and save time, relatively few small businesses are making use of them, new research suggests.


Files On The Run: Xero Touch For iOS

Xero Touch for iOS has now been updated to give you access to your files from your mobile device.

Xero touch for iOS

Files for Xero was released back in October and was a game changer, allowing you to attach source documents to transactions, giving you a full picture of your financial data and supporting materials all in one place.


Purchase Orders: How this Xero function would help businesses.

Xero just moved a step closer to completing the remaining core accounting functions.

Businesses now can create, send and manage Purchase Orders in Xero. This function will help put any businesses in control of purchasing from your suppliers, so you both know exactly what’s been ordered, the agreed cost, and when and where it should be delivered.

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