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How mobile applications help run small and medium business

Once upon a time, mobile phones were considered as Personal Digital Assistant (PDA). With technology advancement, we now have smart phones which could assist with many other activities, both personally and professionally. It is then not surprised when many business owners call their phones Business Digital Assistant – BDA. 

It is increasingly popular nowadays that entrepreneurs enlist the help of mobile applications to increase productivity. In our previous article, we also discussed how business owners could use mobile apps to run their business smoothly. This is a perfect solution for small and medium businesses who have limited funds for administrative tasks, including hiring a personal assistant, CRM or a fancy accounting system like SAP or Oracle. 

This is a case study demonstrating how a small business gets adapted to the currently mobile environment. 

A cafe operating within the Mobile EcoSystem is likely face the following challenges: 

  • Small budget for hardware and software system due to small size and high rental cost;
  • A typical busy and noisy working environment where communication is hard;
  • Staff are always on the move doing multi tasks all the time, and easy to forget what they need to do;
  • Young generation staff who loves their PDA (smart phone) keeping phones with them all the time;
  • The business owner wants fully integrated system which doesn't require manual data transfer. 

Which solutions Tailored Accounts could provide are:

  • XERO for accounting and payroll: This is a mobile friendly payroll system. Staff can track their payslips on phone, applying leave using phone or even accessing their payment summaries. This would be great for a young couple who wants to apply for loan to buy their first home. All will be at a fingertip.
  • Deputy: This facilitates time tracking and rostering. This application allows their staff to log time using their smart phone, which will be live feed to PAYROLL - XERO for us to process weekly pay. The owner could use iPAD to do rostering for 50 casual staff by sending push ms notice. 
  • Kounta: POS system work on phone, staff can use their phone to take order, payment, information are shared between front end & back end staff. All daily sales are live feed to SALE - XERO on daily basis. 
  • Receipt bank: This app plays the role of online document storage and process system. Business owner or business associates could use this application to take picture of bills, receipt, etc. The system uses OCR to publish information to PURCHASE - XERO. This is our most favorite app because it is not only saving our time, but also our client cost.

With the support from all these mobile applications, time for manual tasks will be significantly reduced. Productivity is increased while business owners could still keep their focus on the core business.