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Tailored Accounts is the accounts department of more than 150 Australian businesses and associations in ACT and other states.

Our team members are experts at accounting software, including XERO, MYOB, and QuickBooks. We are a XERO Gold Partner and a Canberra's leading bookkeeping specialist.

Tailored Accounts accountants are members of recognised professional bodies, including CPA Australia, Institute of Chartered Accountants Australia (ICAA), and the Institute of Public Accountants Australia (IPA).


Meet the Team



Harry Hoang - Executive Director

From early on in his career, Harry has understood the importance and impact of technology in accounting. Harry found a his solution in cloud accounting. Cloud-based solutions can eliminate or minimise non-value adding activities such as the manual, endless process of invoicing, billing and receipt management. In so doing, cloud accounting enables entrepreneurs to focus on strategic growth and opportunities. As a result of the innovative solutions adopted promptly by Harry, Tailored Accounts has organically grown to deliver cloud-based accounting services to 80% of its 200 customers, with increased client satisfaction

 Fuzuki Nishimura CPA - Chief Technical Officer

Since entering the accounting profession after my graduation, I have come to realise that it is not easy to deliver consistently great work for clients without excellent supporting systems, commonly known as “quality management systems” (QMSs). At Tailored Accounts, QMSs consists of two major components; internal control systems and skilled staff.

I am in charge of Tailored Accounts’ internal control systems, which are updated regularly based on new policies and changes in the accounting environment. Tailored Accounts takes pride and confidence that we deliver excellent quality work and we maintain this “excellent and consistent quality” approach to every client. 

Another key aspect of QMS is cultivating skilled staff. At Tailored Accounts, we require every staff to have a set continuous professional development (CPD) hours. Tailored Accounts organises monthly training both internally and externally.  I enjoy learning new skills and knowledge as well as sharing my experience. 

I am proud to say that I believe Tailored Accounts has one of the best QMSs in place at this moment, and I will make sure this will be the case in the future. These systems help ensure that our services and results delivered to customers are one of the best in the industry.

Chien Dang- Team Leader 

My time in Tailored Accounts has also enriched my general knowledge and social skills due to the diversified cultural backgrounds and the professionalism of my colleagues. Tailored Accounts has also afforded me with the flexibility to pursue further studies, and this has greatly enhanced my work engagement and well-being. I am excited about the future of Tailored Accounts, and I am confident of delivering more for our clients in many years to come.

Teddy Nam - Team Member

What I really enjoy about working at Tailored Accounts is that it not only provides a supportive and friendly work environment, but also allows me to apply what I have learnt in university to practice. I am committed to lifelong learning, and hope to continue growing with Tailored Accounts. I am optimistic about the future of Tailored Accounts, and I look forward to working with more of our clients.

Anzhi Wang - Team Member

I joined Tailored Accounts after an internship program offered by Tailored Accounts and the Australian National University (ANU). I am constantly impressed by the strong team spirit and supportive working environment. It is a rewarding and self-developing journey with Tailored Accounts. I am confident we are ready to take on any challenges of the future.

Avishka Muni - Team Member

I had the opportunity to join to Tailored Accounts as an intern through the ANU internship program. I trust that with my academic and professional achievements, my aptitude for client service and my work ethic, I will be able to meet the high professional standards required by Tailored Accounts but more importantly be able to meet our clients’ expectations. My colleagues and I look forward to working with you.

Amanda Shi - Team Member

Passionate about Accounting, I have had chance to maximise my learning potential while working at Tailored Accounts. After successfully completing my internship, I am delighted to be offered a continuing position with Tailored Accounts. I believe that the Tailored Accounts team has been the greatest source of inspiration for me to excel. 

Eva Lyu - Team Member

While working at Tailored Accounts, I could transfer what I have learnt in university to work, which is quite exciting and challenging! tailored Accounts has enriched my potential capabilities regarding technical skills and social skills. Now I have become a part of this the team, I will keep making progress and I am willing to grow up together with Tailored Accounts!

Mary Pham - Team Member

I obtained my Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from University of Canberra in 2016 and I was fortunate to join Tailored Accounts at the beginning of 2017. Accredited accountants are essential to maintain businesses’ financial affairs in flawless order. I believe that Tailored Accounts clients receive a comprehensive and high quality service covering all area of accounts management.

Diana Wang - Team Member

What motivates me about working at Tailored Accounts is not only the diverse and inclusive culture, but also the supportive and professional work environment. I have been constantly amazed and inspired by my peers and I really hope to learn more with Tailored Accounts. I commit myself to tackling challenges and doing my best to serve clients. I look forward to working with my colleagues to help grow your business.

Nhi Nguyen - Team Member

Nhi studied Project Management at the ANU and proceeded to work in the fast moving forward and innovative environment, assuring the best quality outcome for every client's project. Passionate about innovation, teamwork and continuing professional development, Nhi considers her work at Tailored Accounts a natural fit. 

Ruilin - Team Member

My goal is to make cloud accounting technology available to all businesses. Cost and time efficiency are the key benefits that I want Australian businesses to obtain. At Tailored Accounts, we are looking forward to demonstrating to your business the beauty of cloud accounting. 

Fan-Zhou - Team Member

I make sure all your numbers are precisely processed to give you the peace of mind that you deserve. No more time consuming tasks on your daily business; just focus on what you are good at. Tailored Accounts will take care of the rest!