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1. Sanga Chhakchhuak - Former Team Member (2011 - 2015)

I first heard about Tailored Accounts from the internet while I was studying at ANU in 2011.  I applied for a part-time role and interviewed with Harry.  I was given the opportunity, and from the first day I joined Tailored Accounts I truly enjoyed the atmosphere at work. Fuzuki and Harry were great mentors and it was fun to learn from them.

I was benefited from on-the-job training sessions of basic processes such as cash entry management, cheque payments and payroll monitoring. They gave me strong fundamental knowledge. I was able to detect errors if something has gone wrong. This gave me the confidence to evaluate financial statements holistically to help improving the accuracy in my client's books.

Besides the core work experience in cost/financial accounting, I had the opportunities to interact with clients from multiple industries. My regular onsite visits enable me to establish a strong relationship with our clients. It has built up my communication and social skills to enrich my career anywhere I go.

With the importance of management accounting in our economy, further career opportunity for me is endless. At the moment, I am teaching management accounting in University and the work experience from Tailored Accounts helps me in making the students understand what the real world is going to be. I can relate many of the study materials to what I have experienced and this makes my teaching an exciting job.

I also do Project Management for entrepreneurs in their new ventures. I also participate in a leadership role of Organization Restructuring challenges for organisations which are under-performing. I would like to say that my achievements have strongly connected with the management accounting experience from Tailored Accounts. I enjoy the connection with our Alumni network and looking forward to share my stories with you all.