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Tailored Accounts becomes The Finalist of Australian Accounting Awards 2016

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Tailored Accounts has been shortlisted for the prestigious Australian Accounting Awards, partnered by Reckon.

Tailored Accounts has been shortlisted as a finalist to win an award in the Executive of the Year category at the 2016 Australian Accounting Awards, hosted by AccountantsDaily, Australia’s top publication for the accounting industry. 

We congratulate Harry Hoang on being shortlisted as one of the best Chief Executive Officers in accounting industry. Since 2009, Tailored Accounts has been offered innovative bookkeeping service to nearly two hundreds Australian businesses. We thank our clients for entrusting our service!

Now in its third consecutive year, the Australian Accounting Awards,which covers  24 categories, recognises individual excellence in accounting, from the profession’s most senior ranks to its rising stars.

Winners in the individual categories will automatically be shortlisted for the coveted AccountantsDaily Excellence Award.


Entrepreneurs' Programme By The Australian Industry Group

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Have you ever wondered how to gain an access to the best advice and networks to improve competitiveness and productivity of your business? Tailored Accounts has found a way. We would like to introduce to you a new program, Entrepreneurs' Programme.

This program is organised by The Australian Industry Group (Ai Group). Entrepreneurs’ Programme focuses on generating the outcomes of productivity improvement, strategic clarity, and revenue increase. 

Who can join?
SMEs with turnover between $1.5 million and $100 million ($750, 000 to $100 million for Northern Australian businesses) that have traded in Australia for at least three years, possess an Australian Company Number, are financially solvent, and operate in the following growth sectors:

  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Food and Agribusiness
  • Medical Technology and Pharmaceuticals
  • Mining Equipment, Technology and Services
  • Oil, Gas and Energy or
  • Enabling technologies and services

Program Benefits:

The access point for Entrepreneurs’ Program services is normally via a free Business Evaluation. Once your organisation is confirmed as eligible, the Evaluation takes about a day to complete. Business owners receive an Action Plan and we advise of additional opportunities that are available within the program.  

Opportunities for you include:

  • Business Management
  • Business Growth Service
  • Supply Chain Facilitation
  • Business Growth Grants
  • Innovation Connection
  • and many more

Capital Angels/GRIFFIN Accelerator Investment Evening

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Tailored Accounts would like to invite you to the Capital Angels/GRIFFIN Accelerator Investment Evening to attend the presentations of five best investment teams selected by GRIFFIN Accelerator. The event is on Thursday, 25 August 2016 from 6:00 PM to 8:30 PM at CBR Innovation Network - Level 5, 1 Moore Street, Canberra, ACT 2601.

Tailored Accounts's Director, Harry Hoang, is the mentor at GRIFFIN Accelerator. Join the event for networking and learning opportunities. Register your interest today HERE



Tailored Accounts - eWAY Partnership Announcement

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Fast & simple setup, free 24/7 support, powerful payment products, dozens of partner banks, same day settlement, hundreds of supported carts and incredible value pricing plans - eWAY truly knows payments and genuinely has your back. eWAY is backed by robust PCI DSS compliance, and smart friendly humans (remember them?) are there to answer any question and help realise any eCommerce opportunity. Start ups or large companies - there’s a plan built for all needs and budgets.

 Benefits of using eWAY:

  • Offering fast setup or same day settlement
  • Highest level PCI-DSS compliance
  • Secure payment products & features
  • Fast, easy registration with a REAL person
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • Access to helpful community forums
  • Built to change and scale as your business grows
  • No contracts
  • 24/7 support that is free, local and multi-channel


To register your interest, please click HERE to complete our online form.

Someone in our team will get in touch with you shortly.


Tailored Accounts offers sponsorship to InnovationACT 2016

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Innovation ACT 2016 launched yesterday, August 10th. Tailored Accounts team was there to celebrate the Launch as a sponsor of the competition.


Participants of Innovation ACT 2016 will be receiving supports to transform their innovative ideas into business models. There will be pitching session for funding at the end. 

The Launch of Innovation ACT 2016 featured the presence of ACT organisations and start-up companies. 

Tailored Accounts wishes the competition will become a success. All the best to our participants!

Photo Credit: Gary Wang 


Telstra Business Awards 2016 celebrates the success of Canberra Airport Group

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This year, Canberra Airport Group has won a prestigious Telstra Business Award to represent ACT for the National judging in Sydney. This remarkable achievement of Canberra Airport Group has inspired many other businesses to increase the quality of their customer services.


Canberra Airport – the gateway to business opportunities 

This is the year that an airport organisation has stood out amongst all the ACT award finalists, strengthening the importance of airport business on local environment and economy. The achievement of Canberra Airport reflects its efforts in continuing improvement for innovation, environment sustainability, and business growth.

Canberra Airport is a gateway to the world of many local businesses. Its contribution to the business community is significant in both local and international aspects.  In 2016, Singapore Airlines will be operating regular international flights from Canberra. This is an opportunity for local businesses to easier experience overseas markets.


Tailored Accounts reviews “NDIS Readiness Report 2016” by BDO Australia

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Are Not-For-Profit Organisations ready for NDIS new model?

Over the past three years, and particularly since the NDIS Rollout arrived at all states in Australia, there is a projection of a fundamental change to support the NDIS new model. The new model allows NDIS participants to gain control over the funding without going through disability service providers.

Not-For-Profits Organisations have experienced challenges in adapting with the new NDIS model. They will have to change their fund reception structure from government block grants to individually funded clients. The major concerns of Not-For-Profit organisations are reflected in “NDIS Readiness Report 2016” by BDO Australia.


Key findings of the research consider the uncertainties of Not-For-Profit organisations in adapting with the NDIS change. Concerns regarding standard of service delivery and re-position of “Not-For-Profit” status are mentioned as an evidence of change resistance amongst Not-For-Profit organisations. Technology, financial, and human resource have now become crucial to enhance the “readiness” of these organisations.

In the complex and highly individualised system of NDIS, prominent challenges are identified as long term organisational survival and financial sustainability. It is clear to realise the Not-For-Profit organisations have yet had their strategy to adapt their service scheme and finance reform to serve Australians with disabilities under the new NDIS model.


The “love story" between accountants and bookkeepers

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Most people assume that bookkeepers and accountants get along very well―both share common goals and contribute to the long-term financial success of businesses and clients. The reality, however, is they tend not to share a lot of information with one another. Few weeks ago, a new customer asked us if we do tax preparation and lodging as he didn’t want to deal with too many parties (i.e. bookkeeper and accountant). I explained to him that bookkeepers and accountants work together as a team because they each have different skill sets and make up different stages of the financial cycle.

Before engaging us as their bookkeepers, some of my customers have previously requested for their accountants to perform both bookkeeping and accounting for them. While many hope that their accountants can be “one-stop shops” for their financial needs, many realise that their accountants don’t offer bookkeeping services. So, should bookkeepers and accountants compete with one another, or should they cooperate with one another? Based on my past experiences dealing with business owners, clients, and accounting firms, I think that bookkeepers and accountants should dance around with each other to realise the best possible outcomes for their clients.

But why are such harmonious and effective relationship shard to achieve most of the time? In my opinion, the problem lies with both accountants and bookkeepers.


Tailored Accounts becomes 2016 Telstra Business Awards finalist

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The judges of 2016 Telstra Business Awards have shortlisted Tailored Accounts to be the finalist for Small Business Award Category. Once again, we have an honour to become a Telstra Business Award finalist together with many other inspiring Australian companies.

The 2016 Telstra Business Awards has encouraged us to reach for higher achievements in serving our clients and being committed to innovation in bookkeeping practice. The news comes to us when we are working hard to improve our service bundle.  July is the beginning of an exciting yet challenging financial year for many of us. Being the finalist of this prestigious award gives us a great inspiration to pursue our goal in the year 2016/2017.

The achievement that we have today comes from the endless contribution and support from our staffs and clients. We are grateful to have amazing team members who never fail to deliver the best quality of work. Our clients have always been supportive of us. The clients’ queries and concerns give us many ideas to design business solutions that answer their needs. Seeing our clients become successful businesses in town is a source of joy.


Let us together celebrate this exciting moment as it is another milestone to mark our growth and success.  

Tailored Accounts is proudly listed on Telstra Business Awards website


Our Talks at CPA Australia

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On June 28th, our team members delivered two presentations on cloud-based integration tools and techniques. We raised the awareness of CPA accountant community on the new generation of financial management.

Presentation at CPA

Key takeaways of our talks at CPA are SMEs need not to purchase expensive business accounting software programs or spend hours and hours in complicated financial reports. Cloud-based accounting services—with the features of having data stored and accessed online—is an ideal option for SMEs.

Presentation at CPA

When applying cloud-based accounting services, time-consuming tasks such as version upgrades and data backup are managed by the application provider. It gives your business a freedom to allocate more of your resources on your expertise. 

At Tailored Accounts, we understand the need of your business and thus our services are customised to meet your demand in an innovative approach and maximise your business sustainability. 


Photo Credit: Fuzuki Nishimura


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