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Files On The Run: Xero Touch For iOS

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Xero Touch for iOS has now been updated to give you access to your files from your mobile device.

Xero touch for iOS

Files for Xero was released back in October and was a game changer, allowing you to attach source documents to transactions, giving you a full picture of your financial data and supporting materials all in one place.


How to Say 'I'm the Best' Without Actually Saying It

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By Anna James

Self-promotion is imperative to growing one's brand.

I once introduced a baseball player to a CEO of a large sporting agency. They exchanged their names and little else. Afterwards, I asked the athlete why he didn't mention that he'd been signed twice to minor league organizations, information I believed would have made a real impact during the conversation. The ballplayer shyly explained that it would have been "awkward" to mention his achievements.


ATO app for small business

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Let your small business clients know to download the ATO app for access to Small business assist, useful calculators and tax information, when they're on the move.

ATO app for small businesses


Quick Guide to BAS Lodgement

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Tailored Accounts as BAS agent in Canberra

At Tailored Accounts, we are experts in BAS lodgement. We are proud to note that we are one of the first BAS agents to be registered under the new law.


How should businesses review their financial systems?

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By Harry Hoang

Harry Hoang of Tailored Accounts Canberra

I had a talk with an insolvency partner from one of the biggest accounting firms in Australia last week. We both agreed that small or large businesses should have their financial systems reviewed more regularly by an insolvency expert. This will ensure that the systems are in compliance with latest financial standard requirements and potential ATO audit.


Superannuation - A Budget with no surprises

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Consistent with previous budgets, the eager anticipation for the new legislative provisions was all but eliminated by pre-budget announcements in the lead up to May. On April 5 the Treasurer announced several of the significant changes to the Superannuation which were announced again on Budget night.


Pay BAS by credit card

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Do you know that you can pay your BAS up to $50k via Credit Card to earn points and help your cash flow?

Most people used to pay BAS by Bpay or EFT. Why don't you pay it by credit card?


Are you working from home? Be aware of TAX shock...

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Many small businesses are started from home. In some cases they migrate to premises of their own, while others continue operating from home occupying their own space. In this latter situation the expenses a business can claim will vary depending on tax office criteria.


Personal Tax Rates

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The Budget confirmed that from 1 July 2015 the tax free threshold increase has been deferred. The increase in the tax free threshold has been linked to the carbon price achieving $25.40 per tonne. This is projected to occur in the 2018-19 year.

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