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Xero update: New features on the way!

Tailored Accounts as Xero's certified partner in Canberra

Xero is adding a number of new features for their customers from 21 July 2014. Here is a quick heads up beforehand.

  • Ability to edit the standard layout for remittance advice.  You'll be able to include your logo, display an alternate address and more.
  • Bank reconciliation improvements. You'll be able to switch automatic coding suggestions off and on.
  • Easy online invoice link, making it easy to insert a link in your invoice email template.
  • Import improvements, making it easier to get your invoices into Xero.
  • Improvements to the numbering on invoices and purchase orders.
  • Drag and drop manual journal rows - just like on sales invoices, you'll be able to freely move rows around.

No more Internet Explorer 8

From September 1st, Xero will no longer support Internet Explorer 8. If you are using IE 8, you will need to upgrade or move to an alternative supported browser.

If you have any queries regarding Xero, contact us today! As a Xero Gold Partner with qualified bookkeepers in Canberra, you won't be sorry to use our services.