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Xero update: E-signatures for tax return declarations

It went live this week! E-sign, a new improvement to Xero Tax, allows business to digitally sign, and submit their tax documents entirely only without the need of printing, signing or posting. Paperless tax returns are now real, and legal!

Benefits of Xero Tax with eSign 

  • Improve efficiency: No need to print, sign, send, and file declarations. Your client just logs in and adds their e-signature – saving your time and theirs.
  • Best-in-class provider: With over 40 million users of eSign services, Adobe Document Cloud is a global leader in e-signature and cloud document storage.
  • Safer than your filing cabinet: Adobe Document Cloud securely stores the signed tax return and the eSign audit trail. Access a copy from Xero Tax anytime.
  • Compliant with the ATO: eSign signatures are compliant with the ATO, so you can lodge a tax return online without using a single piece of paper.
  • Track who's signing: All signing events are tracked and IP addresses recorded in a detailed audit log. Verify who's signing with their email ID.
  • Nothing new to install: eSign works seamlessly within Xero Tax, so there's nothing to install and your clients can access it from anywhere.

How does it work?

For $300 – less than the cost of a typical workplace toner cartridge – a tax agent can purchase a bundle of up to 3000 signatures from within Xero Tax and Practice Manager. Once a tax return has been approved, it can be safely sent to the client via the eSign portal for review and secure signing.

If you are already on Xero, you just need to login with your username and password to view your tax returns. If you are a non-business client – or haven’t yet upgraded to Xero – you’ll only need to create a password and provide a phone number in order to view your tax return and sign the lodgement declaration.

More details could be seen at https://practicestudiohelp.xero.com/au/Tax-Setup-Esign-AU