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Xero update: Building blocks for bigger things

Xero accounting software

Time flies, it’s November already and with it comes the penultimate Xero release for 2014. Some big things just around the corner, more about those later.

Anyway, on with the show and what’s new in Xero…

New Movements in Equity report

How much of the business do you really own? As with the new Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss, the new Movements in Equity report allows you to customize your report with editable account groups and formulas.

Add additional text to new reports

You can now add text at the beginning and end of all new reports. This should prove useful for accountants wanting to add some additional commentary, thoughts or insights to reports. And if you’re after report footers & disclaimers… hang in there, they aren’t too far away.

Create cash receipts

Following on from receipts on invoice payments in September’s release, you can now send and print receipts from Receive Money transactions, making it easier to thank or give proof of purchase to your customers.

To allow your cash receipts to be formatted in the way you want, we’ve added drag & drop rows, and description only lines to Receive Money.

We’ve also extended this feature to those of you using Xero Cashbook.

Invite our Customer Experience team

We get lots of great feedback about our support. To make it even easier to access that support, if you have the ability to manage users then you now have the easy checkbox option of inviting our team into your organization when asking for help. This will help to more quickly get to the heart of a matter.

Invoice and bill display & search improvements

In response to this post on community, rather than always having your old deleted and voided invoices & bills staring you in the face, they’ll now be hidden from list screens – keeping things much tidier. However, if you need to look up a deleted or voided item, you can still find it via a new checkbox option in the invoice/bill search.

View and print remittance advices

Remittance advices tell suppliers what we’re paying them for. However, it’s not so ideal when they demand a paper copy of the remittance and you have to email it to yourself to print it out. However, that’s now a thing of the past – we’ve added an option on both single and batch bill payments to allow you to view (and print!) a remittance advice directly in Xero.

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Source: Xero Blog