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Xero update: A new Xero release

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Xero, cloud accounting software, update

Xero has added a number of new features to its software during August and September.

Here’s a quick summary of what were added on 11 August:

  • Updating the Account Transactions report so you can do things like selecting all or some of your GL accounts for a chosen period. This is part of our move to a new reporting engine. As a first step, it will only be available for Starter and Standard users – but we’ll add support for Premium users soon.
  • The depreciation report will provide similar functionality to the aged reports, showing information such as capital gains and depreciation recovered.
  • You’ll be able to search invoices, bills and credit notes by transaction amount.
  • Bank feeds will have an option that lets others refresh feeds that require Multi Factor Authentication (MFA), ensuring bank transaction data can flow regardless of which user is logged in.
  • Remittance advices have been enhanced - again! You’ll be able to add more items to the advice, including a free text field, tax number and address information in the footer.

Xero has also added new reporting capabilities to your its software. The recent release, which went live on 8 September, includes a new Profit and Loss report that delivers some great improvements:

  • more control to display what you want to see on screen
  • make a modified report the template for future use
  • re-order columns according to your preferences
  • create groups; eg. split out revenue or expense items
  • create your own formula for custom calculations you want to perform

What's more, this September release includes:

  • Batch Deposits - so you can allocate one payment to multiple invoices and create a deposit slip
  • Sales Receipting - to create receipts for your customers when you've paid invoices
  • As well as new features in the banking area.

To understand more about Xero, join its numerous free webinar and follow its blog for more updates.

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Source: Xero Blog