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Tailored Accounts - A Xero Expert

Xero is beautiful online accounting software for small business. With Xero, business owners will have real time online financial updates anywhere, anytime on your Mac, PC, table or mobile. Tailored Accounts is proud to be a Xero expert. We are Xero Gold Partner, Certified Advisor and recently become the sole Xero Cloud Integrator in Canberra.

Xero Authorised Integrator in Canberra


The XERO story

When Tailored Account was set up in 2009, there were tens of bookkeeping firms in town. The competition was intense as Canberra was flooded with bookkeeping firms who targeted small and medium businesses and specialised in desktop-based accounting system. In 2010, Tailored Accounts received a promotional email from Xero, an online accounting software and services company which was gaining entry into the Australian market. We actually ignored the message at the first time considering it as a junky advertising email. We kept investing in desktop based accounting till we realised that by doing so, it’s hard for us to overcome the competition. Concurrently, we noticed a few drawbacks of the current system which still mainly depended on time-consuming manual jobs. 

That led to the decision of searching for a more time efficient effective accounting system. That was the time we looked back to the email of Xero. Although we were still doubtful about the potential of XERO, we decided that it was time for me to look to new accounting software to realise our target of becoming a premium bookkeeping firm in town. That decision made us the first bookkeeping firm applying XERO in Canberra.

The current position

Six years have passed, and now Tailored Accounts is a leading Xero expert in town. We are also Certified Advisor of numerous cloud-based Xero’s add-ons including WorkflowMax, Vend or Receipt Bank. Being the most recent Xero Cloud Integrator, Tailored Accounts can assist small and medium businesses to implement Xero with their wonderful Add-on. The outcome is a perfect cloud-based system for your business.

Being a Xero Cloud Integrator proves that Tailored Accounts:

  • have advanced knowledge of technical integrations
  • have deep understanding of Xero and its add-ons
  • have extensive experience in migrating and setting up cloud applications.

The benefits of using Tailored Accounts’ cloud integration services:

  • Insightful advice – Tailored Accounts is also a Xero Gold Partner and Certified Advisor, hence we can provide small business owners with a deep understanding of this beautiful accounting software. 
  • You save money and time – Tailored Accounts is also a certified advisor of Xero’s add-ons including WorkflowMax, Vend, Receipt Bank, Deputy, Shopify and more. Instead of visiting several suppliers, small business owners only need to visit us, you time and money for travelling. Instead of using services from different suppliers, you could use our comprehensive package which is more cost effective. 
  • Worry-free solutions – Being a certified advisors for Xero and its add-ons, we are able to get the system right up front. Should there be any technical issue, you just contact us instead of contacting several suppliers to find out exactly what that is. We’ll contact with the software provider and have it fixed for you. What you do is to keep focusing on your core business.

Tailored Accounts has been supporting many small and medium businesses with their cloud integration process. Will you be the next?