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WelcomeAboard - A new Xero addon from a Canberra-based company

Australian Employers are required by the Federal Fair Work Act 2009 to keep and maintain employment records and to make the information available to the employee. WelcomeAboard provides a way for employers to fulfil these obligations and to provide employees with a permanent copy of the information collected and generated.

WelcomeAboard also provides a way for employers to meet their obligations under the Australian Privacy Principles. If an employer collects information from an employee or generates private information for an employee then if they use WelcomeAboard they will automatically comply with the Privacy Principles.

WelcomeAboard reduces costs by saving many hours of filling out and filing forms for both employers and employees.

WelcomeAboard asks new employees to fill out and electronically sign standard forms.  Currently the forms are:

  • Contact Details
  • Australian Tax File Declaration Form
  • Australian Super Choice Form
  • Bank Account Details

Watch this demonstration of an employer activating WelcomeAboard and a new employee filling out forms.

New Forms and information sheets will continue to be added to the system.

WelcomerAboard costs $5 setup for each employee using the system with an ongoing $1 per year maintenance charge per active employee.

If an employer uses WelcomeAboard to meet their obligations for existing employees the set up cost is $2.50 per employee and an ongoing $1 per year maintenance charge per active employee.

Invoices are generated weekly.  You can pay directly or by purchasing credits.

Discounts are available if credits are purchased through CrowdFunding.  If you purchase more credits than you can use you will be able to sell them to others and get a return on your investment.

Source: welcomer.me