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Tailored Accounts Training Calendar 2019

We are pleased to introduce our Training Calendar for 2019. Our training program includes an innovative online training portal, quarterly in-person training, and monthly online Power Hour.

Online Training Portal

Tailored Accounts is the proud provider of cutting-edge training platforms for Australian Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs). The platform contains a variety of online learning topics, ranging from technical industry knowledge to workplace skill development. Our training content can be accessed by our users at any time at http://accountantchange.com.au.

In-person Training

Tailored Accounts offers a top-quality in-person training program, which has been delivered every quarter since 2017. Our whole-day workshop is intended to transmit some of the latest information in financial management and teach relevant skills that are important to your business. The 2019 Training Calendar offers sessions in March, June, September and December. The training topics are
primarily focused on building Xero accounting software skills for SMEs and independent sole traders.

Monthly Online Power Hour

As a business owner, you will already be aware of the importance of leadership and communication skills when forging long-term client relations. Our monthly online Power Hours is going to commence in February 2019. The Tailored Accounts Power Hour Program introduces a range of business skills you will need to achieve higher sales and long term client relationships.

Tailored Accounts Power Hours are delivered once a month via online mode. You will need an electronic device with good Internet connection to interact with our trainer. Our training topics in 2019 are as below:

  • February: Resilience
  • April: Communication Strategies
  • May: Change Management
  • July: Strategic Thinking
  • August: Emotional Intelligence
  • October: Business Writing
  • November: Team Work

We welcome all Tailored Accounts clients, SMEs, independent sole traders to join our Tailored Accounts Power Hours 2019.

The first topic of Tailored Accounts Power Hours 2019 is Resilience. Living and working in our busy climate we tend to put more on our plate than we can handle. It is important to develop a mindset that allows resilience to help us bounce back from adversity especially in time of stress, overwhelm and conflict. Learn some practical tools for becoming more resilient and learn to BOUNCE.

Workshop Date and Time:

Date: Monday, 25th Feb 19

Time: 4 PM 

1-hour online workshop 

Learning outcomes:

  • Understanding Resilience;
  • Develop useful tools for resilience in life and work;
  • Learning to BOUNCE.

Your benefits:

  • Refresh and develop business skills;
  • Fixed subscription fee of maximum $15/month with unlimited number of attendees;
  • Effective team leadership.

Registration guideline: Please contact Katie (e: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) for subscription and registration of your training.