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Tailored Accounts expand nationally

It was International Women's Day 2016 (for those who do not know, it was 8th of March) and Tailored Accounts launched its first interstate representative office in Parramatta, Sydney. The event was a success thanks to supports from all our partners and clients who dragged themselves out of work to celebrate with us. 

Tailored Accounts launch office in Sydney

A big vision starts with small steps. The launch marks the first milestone on the pathway of Tailored Accounts' expansion. Currently being a reputable bookkeeping and management accounting firm, Tailored Accounts serves over 150 clients in Canberra and process nearly $70 million in customer transactions annually. The national expansion doesn’t mean that we will take less care of our local clients. Our teams will ensure your books are always organised and you will always have real time access to your updated financial data. The expansion simply means that Tailored Accounts will bring our services to make bookkeeping and accounting easier to many more small and medium businesses.

And here is our office location in Sydney, you are all welcome to come and say hello. 

Tailored Accounts bookkeeping in Sydney

Tailored Accounts Sydney - Level 15 Deloitte Building - 60 Station Street, Parramatta - SYDNEY NSW 2150

Tailored Accounts bookkeeping team

Tailored Accounts team at the event (left to right): Harry Hoang (Managing Director), Fuzuki Nishimura (Team Leader) and Chien Dang (Senior Accountant)

Tailored Accounts with business clients

Tailored Accounts with our guests

In 2016, we will also set our foot in Brisbane and Goulburn. If you are a small or medium business seeking qualified outsourced bookkeeping services, don’t hesitate to contact us.