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Tailored Accounts named as a Telstra Business Awards 2015 Finalist!

2014 was the first year Tailored Accounts was nominated for the prestigious Telstra Business Awards. This awards programme has been held annually since 1992 to recognise excellent and innovative businesses all over Australia. For more than 20 years of existence, Telstra Business Awards has promoted hundreds of successful small and medium businesses and attracted thousands of applications each year.

Tailored  Accounts as Telstra Business Awards Finalist

Tailored Accounts was founded in 2009 by Harry Hoang, who noticed the emergence of outsourcing sector in financial industry. Thus, compared to other awards applicants, Tailored Accounts was still a young company. Additionally, it was the first time the firm applied for a business awards programme. Hence, we were extremely thrilled to be selected as a Finalist for small business category in 2014. Although we did not win, the recognition has been beneficial to Tailored Accounts in terms of increasing the brand awareness. Following Telstra Business Awards, Tailored Accounts’ achievements were recognised in Canberra BusinessPoint Awards 2014, Ethnic Business Awards 2014 and Australian Small Business Champion Awards 2015.

Award winning bookkeeper in Canberra

This year, Tailored Accounts was again nominated for Telstra Business Awards. The rapid growth of the firm and the active application of cloud accounting technology over the last few months, in particular, have again brought Tailored Accounts to judges’ attention. For two years in a row, we are named as a Telstra Business Awards Finalist. 

We would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to our clients and partners, who always place their trust in us! Congratulations to our great team who is committed to providing their best services. Can’t wait to see our name at the Gala Dinner on Friday, 17th of July.