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How Tailored Accounts is positioned in the ACT bookkeeping industry

When it comes to marketing, positioning is a strategy which aims to build a distinct position of your firm in the mind of your target customers in comparison with your competitors. Very commonly, businesses try to claim their products or services to be better or the best in the industry.  

Tailored Accounts, a Canberra leading bookkeeping firm.

However, to a small business, it would be more practical for small businesses to conduct the positioning strategy in a different way, which is to differentiate your firm from competing brands by focusing on your unique selling point(s). And that is what Tailored Accounts is doing to set us apart from other bookkeeping firms in Canberra

1. A unique business model

Tailored Accounts positions itself as a management accounting firm, which, in Harry’s words, is to fill the gap in the market between a bookkeeper and an accounting firm. It is mostly the case that an outsourced accountant only sees their clients 9 to 12 times a year. A bookkeeper, due to the nature of his or her job, is involved with clients on a daily basis but hardly analyses or summarizes financial data to make meaningful reports. 

Bookkeepers and accountants at Tailored Accounts are different. Being a bookkeeper, we are involved with customers’ everyday activities. We learn more about our customers through daily interaction, which helps to build long term relationship. As an accountant (and consultant), we analyse financial data, produce financial reports for decision making process and to help our clients with their businesses. Tailored Accounts helped a mechanic business in Canberra to implement their point of sale (POS) system to take care of customer booking and services. After that, we integrated the POS system with their accounting system so that the data transfer seamlessly between the two. 

2. Cloud-based accounting system

We have talked much about the benefits of cloud-based accounting and how it transformed a small bookkeeping firm into a recognised management accounting firm in the ACT. 

One thing we would like to focus on is the fact that Tailored Accounts was an early adopter of cloud-based accounting in Canberra. Xero, cloud-based accounting software, officially entered the Australian market in 2011 while it was actually adapted in Tailored Accounts in 2010 (and we are happy we did that!). Cloud-based accounting and outsourced bookkeeping is a great combination. Small and medium businesses owners hesitate to entrust their accounts to an outsourced bookkeeping firm. The combination which gives them more control over financial activities done by outsourced account solves the issue.

3. An award-winning bookkeeping firm

If you do a quick search about bookkeeping firms in Canberra, ACT, it is noticeable that Tailored Accounts is the only bookkeeping firm that gains much public recognition through business awards and titles they have received. The awards themselves are highly appreciated but to Tailored Accounts team, supporting messages and wishes we received from our clients and partners during those awards’ process are most valuable. They are the evidence of the trust our clients, business owners in Canberra and other states, place in our services, and also the proof of our service quality.

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