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Tailored Accounts - Employsure partnership for your better workplace relations

Tailored Accounts is delighted to announce our partnership with Employsure - the Australia’s leading workplace relations specialist. As Australia’s leading workplace relations specialist, Employsure is proud to be assisting over 10,000 businesses nationwide, to set the solid foundations of businesses success, starting with a fair and safe workplace.

Each day, their Advice team receives an average of 550 calls from clients seeking advice on their employment relations or work health and safety. Last year alone, their consultants travelled over 1.5 million kilometres to conduct workplace reviews, identify areas of non-compliance and also managed over 989 claims associated with workplace concerns.
Available day and night, Employsure is always here when our clients need us most so they can focus on what they do best – running their business.

There are case studies to learn from the failure of other companies in managing their wage systems, one of them is the underpayment of wage by 7-Eleven. This shows us the importance of having a fair and safe work space. 

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7-Eleven: an example of what not to do

The case study by Employsure

7-Eleven is the largest convenience store in Australia. With over 600 stores nationwide, it is currently under heavy media spotlight for all the wrong reasons.

In September 2015, the ABC’s Four Corners program conducted a joint investigation with Fairfax Media Limited, discovering the convenience store giant was guilty of systematic underpayments of wages, doctoring of payroll records and blatant exploitation of overseas employees.

Recently, a Brisbane franchisee was fined $400,000 for the underpayment of 12 employees. This is the largest penalty ever imposed in Australia by a court following action by the Fair Work

Ombudsman (FWO). In addition, the FWO found that 7-Eleven franchisees were falsifying payslips in an attempt to hide underpayments. Employers are obligated under the Fair Work Act to provide their employees with a record of wages paid, which includes their rate of pay, the gross and net amounts paid, any deductions made from the pay and the details of any incentive based payment.

It is also imperative to know which Modern Awards cover your business and the varying employees you engage, to ensure you are meeting your obligations. Employsure can help determine which of the 122+ Awards you must adhere to for your business.


The partnership of Tailored Accounts and Employsure could bring benefits to all clients. Employsure is here to offer free workplace advice for all clients of Tailored Accounts and help you navigate what could otherwise be seen as a minefield. As Australia’s leading workplace relations specialists we can answer any questions you have regarding minimum rates of pay, the Modern Awards relevant to your business to assist with understanding and meeting your obligations as an employer. Here is our partner representative information for business enquiry.

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