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ATO Announcement: PAYG Tax Tables Changes by 1 October 2016

Dear customers,

Please be informed that PAYG Tax Tables will be updated to reflect all the changes by Saturday, 1 October 2016. Details of the changes could be accessed HERE

Image result for 1 october 2016

We encourage you to stay updated from the changes. XERO system will be updated accordingly as per the PAYG tax change. Should you have questions regarding the change, please contact us at  02 6169 5196. Our accountants will assist you with the information. 


Superannuation - A Budget with no surprises

Consistent with previous budgets, the eager anticipation for the new legislative provisions was all but eliminated by pre-budget announcements in the lead up to May. On April 5 the Treasurer announced several of the significant changes to the Superannuation which were announced again on Budget night.

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