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Spotlight Forecasting Partner

Do you know that Tailored Accounts is the ONLY Spotlight Reporting Partner in ACT?

As an award-winning advanced reporting tool, Spotlight Reporting provides clarity and insight for business success. This is an ideal replacement for tired, traditional “management reporting”.

BENEFITS that you could take advantages of:

1.  Saving your time: Using a quick and secure data import from Xero, Spotlight Reporting allows customization or ready-to-go template reports in minutes

2.  More than a report: Spotlight Reporting supports you with different types of reports: a monthly or periodic report, a Board or CEO report, a mechanism for having a two-way business owner/ trusted advisor strategy or planning session, and so on.

3.  Making better decision: Spotlight Reporting allows you to set and monitor KPT’s or targets, drill into cash flow, and forecast the future.

4.  Spotlight Forecast is the best cash flow forecast system in our opinion.

FEATURES that you could discover:

-  Automated data-capture from Xero

-  Easy-to-use and customization

-  Bespoke chart gallery for great visuals

-  Financial and non-financial KPI reporting

-  Cash profiler report

-  Create scenarios

-  Attractive reporting options, including PDF and online

-  An executive summary for highlights and recommendations for action

-  A KPI scorecard for monitoring goals or headline metrics

-  Group related companies for a consolidated view-point

- Franchise reporting module also available

As a powerful tool, Spotlight Reporting takes the pain out of performance reporting. What’s more, you can sign up for 28 day free trial and free webinars.