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Quick time entry in Practice Manager from Xero

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As an outsourced bookkeeping services provider charging clients hourly (and of course, guarantee all jobs are completed at possibly highest standard), Tailored Accounts pays great attention on time tracking. It is time consuming for Tailored Accounts (and for any accounting practice) to record time accurately (but we need to do that for better performance management and billing clients).

Thanks for the timer in Xero practice manager, the task is now easier. A bookkeepers or accountant just clicks the clock icon from any screen and simply “add time” without leaving the screen he/she is working in. 

How does it work?

There are two options to record time: “Start/finish” and “Time duration”. 

  • If you want to record the exact times spending on a job, say 9am to 10am, use “Start/finish”.
  • If you want to record the amount of time, say 1 hour, use “Time duration”.

Further instruction on the new add-on could be found in the following clip (Thanks Xero for this clip!)

What does that mean to us and to you?

With the new quick time entry, bookkeepers and accountants at could record time as they do the work. It means accurate time recording, and billing, which is beneficiary for both bookkeepers and their clients. In addition, as accountants and bookkeepers could leave the time tracking to Xero, they could get back to what are the most important, their clients. 

If you are interested in Xero and its add-ons, Tailored Accounts, as a Xero Gold Partner, would love to hear from you.