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Purchase Orders: How this Xero function would help businesses.

Xero just moved a step closer to completing the remaining core accounting functions.

Businesses now can create, send and manage Purchase Orders in Xero. This function will help put any businesses in control of purchasing from your suppliers, so you both know exactly what’s been ordered, the agreed cost, and when and where it should be delivered.

What you can do now:

1. Create fully customisable purchase order documents

2. Email these documents to your suppliers

3. Easily generate bills by copying existing purchase orders

4. Copy purchase orders to new purchase orders and even to new sales invoices for on-charging

5. Follow an approval workflow in the same way you do for invoicing

6. Manage and search your purchase orders from their own dashboard

What's more, Purchase Orders are touch-friendly, so order details can be created and filled on iPads when they're on the move.

Let’s check out a video that shows everything in action.