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Financials & Accounting Workshop for IACT 2016 participants

Tailored Accounts was pleased to conduct the Financials & Accounting workshops for more than 30 participants from the IACT 2016 competition teams. This is an important training for all teams before the idea pitching date. Accounting knowledge is the key to convince the judge on the credibility of your ideas!

The teams were interact with workshop instructor, raising interesting questions, and sharing their experience in dealing with financial issues in start-up projects. Cashflow, budgeting, and financial forecast were our hot topics. Great discussion among the teams!

The workshop instructor demonstrated a cashflow model for entrepreneurs. Accounting was actually not that complicated. 

IACT 2016 teams were enthusiastic and focus. Perhaps they were ready to make a change.

We thank IACT for such a great After Hour Session! Thank you for giving us the opportunity to meet all the great teams. We wish you all successful in the pitch.  

Photo Credits: IACT