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Files in Xero - Now you can attach files to your financial data

Welcome to Files in Xero  - a new feature that helps you store any business document you want next to its relevant transaction in Xero. Just drag and drop.

Advantages of Files in Xero:

  1. Complete the picture: The feature helps code transactions, and then upload the relevant documents that support them. Everything you need will be in one place.
  2. Save time: No more going through shoeboxes looking for hard copies when it comes time to getting the books ready for tax and reporting purposes. Just one click and everything is ready.
  3. The storage you need: 1GB of storage – That’s about 20,000 typical Word docs and enough to keep the average small business going for many years.
  4. Security. Reliability. Availability. Files are fully encrypted and using geo-replication, are stored in multiple locations so you can rely on them being available when you need them – anywhere, at any time.

How will Files change the way you work?

  • What about attaching contractual documentation associated with one of your clients, loan documents for a bank account, or a picture of a fixed asset. Or even attach a photo of a client?
  • Store company incorporation documents for easy access by your accountant or bookkeeper.
  • If you’re a startup looking for funding or to be acquired, why not create a contracts register so you’re always ready for Due Diligence?
  • Accountants with not-for-profits, how about encouraging them to upload their source financial documents for you to make the audit process more cost effective?
  • Bookkeepers – win new clients by making Accounts Payable processing central to your service offering.
  • If you’re a franchisor, ask franchisees to upload their full business reports each month so all performance information is available.