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Exploring your Business Digital Assistants

Once upon a time, mobile phones were simply considered Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs). With the advancement of technology, we now have smart phones able to assist with many other activities, both personal and professional. It is, then, not surprising that many business owners call their phones Business Digital Assistants – BDAs. It is increasingly popular nowadays for entrepreneurs to enlist the help of mobile apps to increase productivity.

Business owners can also use apps to help run their business more smoothly. This is a perfect solution for small and medium businesses who have limited funds to spend on administrative costs, such as personal assistants or fancy accounting systems.

Let’s look at a case study showing how a small business can adapt to new mobile technology.

A cafe operating in today’s world is likely face the following challenges: 

  • Small budget for hardware and software system due to small size and high rental cost;
  • A busy and noisy working environment where communication is hard;
  • Staff being always on the move, doing multiple tasks at once which leads to distracted mistakes
  • Younger staff who love their smart phones, constantly using them;
  • Business owners wanting a fullyintegrated accounting system which doesn't require manual data input. 

 In response to these difficulties, Tailored Accounts can suggest the following apps:

XERO, a mobile friendly payroll and accounts system. Staff can track their payslips apply for leave or even access their payment summaries all through their phones.

  • Deputy, which facilitates time tracking and rostering. This app allows staff to log shifts using their smart phones, which will be sent directly to PAYROLL - XERO for processing. The owner could use a tablet or phone to do rostering for 50 casual staff by a single notice. 
  • Shopify, a POS system where staff can use their phones to take orders and record payment. Information is then shared between staff members. All daily sales are transmitted to SALE - XERO each day.
  • Receipt bank, an app which allows online document storage and works as a process system. Business owners or associates can use this application to take picture of bills, receipt, etc. The system uses OCR to publish information to PURCHASE - XERO. This is our favourite app because saves significant amounts of time and money.

With support from all these mobile apps, time spent on manual tasks can be significantly reduced. Productivity is increased while owners can focus theiron the core business itself.