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Tailored Accounts: The Accounting Department of Canberra Businesses

I would like to begin with a story which most of you are familiar with. Steve Jobs and his friend built the first boards for their first computer, the “Apple I”, in Jobs’ garage. But the “Apple I” was not the first computer!

Business goal of becoming the accounting department of Canberra businesses

The truth is, computers existed for a long time before Apple was started.By the 1970s, the majority of large corporations in the US were already equipped with computers. But those were usually huge mainframes in large computer rooms, built and maintained by the industry giant IBM. What was unique about Apple was the idea behind the “Apple II”, which many of us seem to overlook. IBM and HP targeted large organisations to sell their PCs, but Jobs thought differently—he wanted to expand the use of PCs to everyone, what he referred to as the “computer for the rest of us”. That’s how Apple was born!

Similar to Apple, Tailored Accounts is gradually becoming one of Canberra’s largest “accounting departments” for small and medium businesses. At Tailored Accounts, we believe that small and medium business owners should also have access to accounting expertise.

I recall vividly one of my existing customers who rang us up many years ago and remarked that he thought that Tailored Accounts was “too big” for his business. He added that his was just a “small business” and he was not sure if he could afford to pay Tailored Accounts. I addressed his concern by patiently explaining to him that our business is targeted at small business owners such as himself—think about it, we even have a customer who runs an online eBay store!

Size does not matter for us here in Tailored Accounts, it is precisely because of our loyal small and medium business customers that we have come this far. All we care is about getting the job done to the best quality, keeping our clients satisfied, and ensuring that their finances are healthy.

Apple achieved huge success because it brought the PC to the masses, Tailored Accounts was born the same way, as we sought to bring accounting expertise to small and medium businesses in Canberra and regional states. There is no reason why we will not get to where Apple is today. Canberra business owners trusted us, you can put your trust in us too.