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2014 Telstra Business Awards Finalist

Tailored Accounts as award winning bookkeeping firm in Canberra

Telstra Business Awards is a prestigious Awards program to recognise hard work, commitment and success of small and medium businesses. The program was firstly celebrated in 1992 and has now become a coveted award all over Australia. 

Being named as a Telstra Business Awards 2014 finalist is such an honour to us. It was great to meet and stand alongside excellent businesses of ACT who, like us, came to celebrate our hard work and success.  Although we did not win, this is still a marvellous experience.

We would like to thank our dear clients for their continued supports! A big thanks goes to out team for their effort! Together we rock!!!

Special thanks goes to our dear clients, friends and family who sent support messages for us on the Gala Dinner. Below are just a few:

Harry's wife: "Congratulations, honey Harry Hoang and the team at Tailored Accounts. Hard works pay off! We are very proud of you!".

Jamie Ogilvie: "Woohoo Harry x".

Chris: "Congratulations Harry!!! Great news. Keep up your great work!".

Simon Scarano: "That is great news. I hope you win!".

Greg Ewart: "Well done on being in the finals, I wish you well."

Hai Do: "Congratulations to Harry Hoang and Tailored Accounts for Telstra Australian Business Award. Your team has done a great job. Keep it up!!!".

Chris Toth: "Awesome Harry! :)"

Ian Gash: "Well done Harry and good luck!"

See some photos from our big night out:

Bookkeeping company as award winning enterprise

 Harry Hoang, our executive director,said: "Proud of you guys. You are my winners tonight... Congrats to all finalists. Business is no different from life...you got to move on and get better. Will see you again next year!". Yes, see you, Telstra Award and all great businesses next year!